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Our Official RoB Whatsapp Group Rules & Regulations. 1. Strictly No Spamming. 2. No forwards will be appreciated unless it is motorcycle related. 3. Strictly No religious & politics talks. 4. Respect to each member & no abusive comments. 5. No transaction discussions. However, you are free to take your chat with a member on private chat. 6. Kindly use English as a common language for communication. This helps everyone to understand. 7. No organizing rides on your own with other members in the group. 8. No accident posts or gruesome pictures. Strict Actions will be taken immediately. 9. There will be 3 warnings given by the Admins regarding any inappropriate post. Later the person will be removed from the Group without any warnings or notice. 10. Strictly No inviting riders or Syncing riders contact numbers of this group to join other clubs or to create your own new club. Looking forward from you to follow these set of rules in the group while we have a conversation.

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Rules and Regulations of Riders of Bangalore. 1. The member must be presently residing in Bangalore. 2. The Club is restricted to 150cc and above bikes only during the Rides. 3. Member should always carry DL, RC, Insurance, LTT & PUC. 4. Members should follow all traffic signals, lights, signs, rules and regulations during all rides. 5. Basic riding gears is compulsory for all rides like Certified Full face helmets, full trousers, shoes, Riding Jackets. Optional: Knee Protectors, Elbow Guards, Body Armour etc… 6. No Stunts and No Racing will be entertained during the rides. 7. The club will not entertain any form of Intoxication like Alcohol, Drugs etc.. during the ride, if found he/she will be removed out of the Club. 8. Members will be responsible for their own safety. The club will not be responsible for any accident, loss or mishap that happens to the member during the ride but the club will always stand as support and help. 9. Participating in the ride/event is at the sole discretion of the individual member. 10. Member should respect each other in the group, any kind of misbehavior will not be tolerated. 11. During the rides, you should not overtake the Team Lead or Marshals and Speed Limit is subjected to RoB Club. 12. The Founder/Admin of the club have all the rights to accept or deny the validity of Membership, if he/she has not participated in any ride/club meet/events for 6 months.

I certify that my online form filled for the membership of Riders of Bangalore club is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to the Rules and Regulations of RoB Club.