Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is RoB?

RoB is Riders of Bangalore®, a Motorcycle Riding Club for all the Passionate Riders who live in Bangalore.

Who can join RoB?

Anyone who is passionate about their Bikes, who likes to travel, explore places & be more adventurous in life.

What do we need, to join the Club?

  • Valid Driving Licence.
  • Motorcycle above 150cc.
  • Valid Documents of the Motorcycle like Registration Certificate, Insurance, LTT & PUC.
  • Basic Riding Gears like Helmet, Gloves, Jackets, Riding Trousers/Jeans, Shoes etc..

Is there any age limit to join?

Anyone who is above 18years+ can join.

What is Registration?

Registration is a process where we will collect your complete information like motorcycle information, what are your interest towards biking etc… By registering to our club you will be added to our Official RoB Telegram Messenger group where you can always stay connected with all the Riders of the club, your biking profile will be featured in our Facebook page & Website and all the upcoming events, rides and updates of our club activities will be informed to you by our Team.

Is there any Registration Fee?

No, there is no Registration Fee.

How to get Registered for the club?

Just Click here →